Pts P W D L
1.Liverpool 60 26 18 6 2
2.Man City 59 26 18 5 3
3.Arsenal 58 26 18 4 4
4.Aston Villa 52 26 16 4 6
5.Tottenham 47 25 14 5 6
6.Man Utd 44 26 14 2 10
7.Brighton 39 26 10 9 7
8.Wolves 38 26 11 5 10
9.Newcastle 37 26 11 4 11
10.West Ham 36 25 10 6 9
11.Chelsea 35 25 10 5 10
12.Fulham 32 26 9 5 12
13.Crystal Palace 28 26 7 7 12
14.Bournemouth 28 25 7 7 11
15.Brentford 25 25 7 4 14
16.Forest 24 26 6 6 14
17.Everton 21 26 8 7 11
18.Luton 20 25 5 5 15
19.Burnley 13 26 3 4 19
20.Sheffield Utd 13 26 3 4 19


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We always bring users access to the most popular matches in the world. Users can easily select the matches being broadcast just by typing the name of their favorite team. Some of the awards that fans are interested in include:

  UEFA Champions League

This is one of the most attractive tournaments on the planet for football fans. The tournament includes the strongest teams in Europe

  Premier League

The tournament brings together the top big clubs along with a star-studded technical cast. We do not miss any matches in the system of the Premier League. Each match brings viewers drama and attraction from the strikers.

La Liga

This is a tournament that includes famous clubs such as Barcelona, Alentico Madrid .. with a huge star cast known by fans around the world as: Messi, Modric, Moreno...

Series A

The tournament brings together the top strikers and the strongest clubs in the world such as Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan...


This is the pinnacle tournament in the German league system with many top, technical clubs such as Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund...

World Cup

This is the tournament the whole world is looking forward to because only this football festival is held only once every 4 years

Europe's top leagues

Not only broadcast online tournaments around the world, but our website also streams in Europe where football fans always follow the team competing in Europe, worldcup, euro Cup. Where aspiration burns, the desire for football is always burning.


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